Will Comedians Make Fun of Obama like they do/did with Bush/Clinton?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FortuneTeller, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Will their be comedian look-a-likes like their is with Bush and Clinton? Will Jay Leno still make jokes about Obama like he does with Bush? Or will it have to be toned down because of the sensitive race issue in America between whites and blacks?
  2. No jokes at all about Obama.
    All I see now is Ageism. Jokes about McCains age. Joke after joke after joke. Where is AARP on this one.

    Shouldn't ageism be treated the same as racism
  3. Oh heck yeah, no doubt chris rock is already working on material.

    You would be forgetting the rich, and somewhat stifled tradition of political cartooning to suggest otherwise, as far as political cartooning goes-anything goes, and Barack is a comparatively easy subject.

    If barack wins, it would be no different to any other political target, in reality, Letterman and Leno may have less to work with , because he is, actually, such a boring candidate, overall.

    Remains to be seen, but i'm thinking, re; your question, only as much as they usually do.
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    Another idiot thread from you. They've been making fun of him, complete with look-a-like, on SNL since the primaries.

    It must be hell being as tunnel-visioned as you are.
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    Ageism is written into the qualifications for US President. Race isn't.

    If you can be too young to be President, then you can also be too old to be President. How old is 'too old' is something the voters get to decide for themselves.
  6. It must be hell being a retard like you who waste's his time watching SNL. I guess you don't have anything better to do on Saturday night. What a loser.
  7. In Obama's case, he is too inexperienced to be President. Kind of like you trying to be a trader.