will cl break 90 and drop to 86 ?

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  1. looks like it's going Down and don't think it'll hold 92 - next week
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  2. what are you using to generate signals there?
  3. slumdog


    There is a guy called Marketsufer on another thread he is long 10 CL contracts from around 95. He is currently $20,000 out of the money. If it goes to 86 he will be down $90,000. He doesnt have a stop just seems to be praying for a rally now and planning to hold over the weekend.

  4. i don't follow his journal... but i know who your talking about..
  5. It's full of hubris and poor trading. You're not missing much :)

  6. what are you using to generate signals there?

    here ya go cdcaveman

    it's one of several 'SuperTrend' indicators but seems to work ok on all timeframes

    exported from NT v 7.0.1000.8
  7. ahh i haven't used NT in a while as now i'm with Amibroker.. nice thanks..
  8. cdcaveman. you can try googling 'amibroker supertrend indicator' but some of the
    so called 'supertrend' indicators especially those for MT4 is the Gann HiLo Activator
    or variations of it and Not very good at all

    attached chart shows 2 common indicators that should be available for Amibroker
    the EMA Cross - double blue and yellow lines set to 2 and 3 or any MA cross will do
    and the HiLo (Gann) Activator cyan and red line set to 2 which also has arrows

    as you can see all 3 indicators have a high correlation between their signals, and
    adding an arrow shouldn't be much of a coding problem
    but don't be fooled by the arrows, depending on how the price moves, 2 or 3 bars
    sometimes need to pass before an arrow appears, and you should be able to see
    that on the charts I've posted, the price will have moved Then the arrow appears
    and of course sometime an arrow that appears disappears ;
    oh and set if possible 'Calculate on Bar Close' to false, at least that's my setting

    also included is a 5min CL chart with the same indicators to give you an idea of how
    the indicators perform on a small tf - same same

    as much as anything the color of the price bar itself indicates the B/S. one thing
    about the HLActivator is that you get a sort of Support line, and the idicator is some-
    thing of a StopLoss indicator, and that's another method to generate B/S signals
  9. getting there
  10. what the heck is HiLo Gann Activator
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