Will Choose Euro continue with the Uptrend to 1.28???

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  1. Will Choose Euro continue with the Uptrend to 1.28???

    The past week, natural fenomenos like katrina, affected directly to the economy of US and to the Oil Crude. The euro rebounded strongly after hit the lower trend line, breaking the near resistances easily, and closing the week at 1.2541. Overlaped waves all contain within a channel, suggest that this move is correcting the previous down wave of intermediate degree. How much time can delay this correction?, is a good question, and if this move is intermediate degree, we can say between 1.5 to 2 months of choppy and overlaped waves. Maybe the counting can help you to understand better this:
    The Blue Counting and Red Counting shows a wave (X) in progress, with a target in the 0.618 of previous move, and the descending trend line since 1.3666. At this moment the wave Y minor is on way, that can be an ((a))-((b))-((c)) or ((w))-((x))-((y)).
    The alternative counting shows a wave 4 within (A) in progress.
  2. fck, I hope so. I'm short euro! :D

    I'm also long euro.
  3. mahras2


    SO what are you?
  4. callate con esta basura. elliot wave no sirve.

  5. fx trader. :D
  6. He's a voodoo practioner who subscribes to Ewaves - posts these types of threads all the time. Usually a good person to fade.
  7. didn't he last week call for
    Euro / USD to go to 1.18 ?

    ( ok I could be wrong with all the alternate
    wave counts )

  8. EUR-USD target 1.2900
  9. putting it in the most technical terms I know:

    yeahhhhh.... :D
  10. Yes, he did.
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