Will C or AIG EVER become buys?

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  1. Two well-known large cap financial companies trading at 11 year lows. One of which has a 6-7% dividend.

    Will these two ever be buys? Thoughts?
  2. no they are both giant scams.
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    c is a great Risk Reward stock. Buy now, sell at $18.50 or $26.

    Financials have a chance to go on a real run, I think people would really pour some money into the mkt if oil drop to $120.
  4. Jim Rogers thinks C is a buy at $5. :D
  5. Guys like Jim Rogers have so much experience where they can take one look and make a determination because they have seen it all. The question is is that did he make that statement because he really knows the truth or did he make that statement to make money off of a position (i.e. short...)....

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    Gates Foundation thinks it is a buy:

  7. There is no transparency anywhere in the financials and the government has made it worse by abetting the situation.
  8. He said many times he will cover his C short at $5.
  9. Ask Fast Eddie Lampert...he knows!

    How did Gates do on Pacific Ethanol? That man got one trade right...sell MSFT. The continued success of MSFT should be distinguished from its stock performance though!

  10. I found the article.

    ROGERS: Well, I'm short Citibank, first of all, and I'm short the investment bank (ph). That's full disclosure.

    No, I mean, listen, Citigroup has over $100 billion of tier three assets. You know what tier three assets is (ph)? These are assets that you can't sell, so you have to make up what you think they're worth.

    They've got over $100 billion. I have no idea how bad they are. But this is not over for Citibank, it's not - or Citigroup, as they call themselves now, or for any of these guys.
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