will buy recent 55 study books

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gdtrader, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. I need the 55 books any body has a used copy I will pay reasonable price.
  2. pux03


    i have the dearborn/passtrak series 55 cd, it has over 600 questions on it and it is set up exactly like the test that you take. I found it very helpful........i paid 105 for it....make an offer
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    same here make me an offer...
  4. Some of the guys in my office just took the 55 soon after I took it.

    Supermontage is now in the test but 4 months ago wasn't.

  5. thanks but I just got the 55 books. For all you other traders I will tell you a good way to get any study material for 10% of the purchase price. If you go to stcusa.com and purchase any of their books their is a 30 day return policy with 10% re-stocking fee. P.S. you never heard this from me. :p
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