Will Bush get re-elected?

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    Yeah, well I think Saturday Night Live and Dana Carvey is probably the one to blame for that. "Can I finish? Can I finish? Can... I..... finish? Can I finish?" Classic man.

    Hey I liked the guy and voted for him. I thought he could have been a great one term President just to clean house and get everything in order. The fact that he did get 19% of the vote though was amazing if you think about it.
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    And of course the whole notion is fostered by people who think if the candidate isn't a D or R they won't make it.

    Wonder what steve forbes would have been like :confused:

    would vote libertarian but they're a little to free wheeling for me.
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  3. A nation of lemmings we are :(

    At this point...I dont care WHO it is. Steve Forbes...ANYONE but
    another Dem or Reb. Can we at least have a 4 year experiment
    JUST ONCE people???

    I want to see what happens when you dont have one of
    these typical robot Reb or Dem in office.



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  4. i like steve forbes.

    i see him on forbes on fox and i usually think he's right on the money.
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  5. talk is not what gets politicians handing out pork to the special interests - talk is free, special interests pay out cash. huge world of difference. plus many of the corporate interests are just that incorporated entities - nowhere does the First Amendment talk about business entities getting the same rights as individuals or individuals representing corporations.
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  6. This pisses me off!
    To know that mav and I voted for the same guy at the same time. :D
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  7. doesnt matter......they're all the same guy, working for the same guys....I know "their" agenda conflicts with my own.

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  8. The cycles of history have not been kind to him. There is simply no way IMO that a president could get re elected if there is a net loss of millions of jobs under his presidency. He can try and scare people into re electing him based on 9/11 and Iraq, but the American public will come to their senses. If 9/11 had never happened, we never would have gone to Afghanistan or Iraq. Our budget deficit may have been lower, and the economy may have been in slightly better shape, but after the biggest bull market in history, its hard to make a case that we'd be red hot right now. Outsourcing would have still happened. And we'd still be feeling effects of the bubble years.

    His domestic policies have been virtually non existant. Health care, job creation, education, immigration,....have any of these things improved under his presidency? Are people better off today than they were 4 years ago?
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  9. Clinton did that twice!!!!
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    OK, let me put you on the hot seat. Tell me, if you were President starting tomorrow, what would you do to create jobs? I'm listening. What would you do? See, here is the problem with you people on the left, you all shout and scream and complain about the jobs but when asked what your solution is, you have none.

    Let me briefly explain to you the problem we have in this country. First of all, obviously, the recession, the bubble bursting and 9/11 all had an impact on the jobs. But there is something even bigger then that. See, for decades we were spoiled in this country. We had a never ending supply of low skilled jobs with high pay. It took decades for the rest of the world to get their act together and realize that there was no reason they could not take these low skilled jobs. I mean come on, remember a few years ago when getting your Microsoft certification certificate was the biggest thing in the world? I had friends go to school for that. It took 8 weeks and about 3k. When you were done you had a 60k to 80k job waiting for you. That's right, you heard me, for 8 weeks of your time and 3k out of your wallet, you could be making 60k to 80k. Then if you got more licenses, you could make 100k plus.

    Now this was a joke. I mean the people in these classes were truck drivers, school teachers, at home moms, high school drop outs. BTW, I'm dead serious. And here was the kicker, we could not fill these jobs fast enough. I mean if you opened a newspaper, you say 300 of these jobs in the want ads. They were begging for people. I actually had a friend who recruited people for these schools to get their certification. He made a fortune. Now these people should have been making about $8 an hour but they weren't, they were making a killing. But then along came the market and it suddenly became efficient.

    All these other countries around the world saw this and said, hey, why can't we do that, these are not high skilled jobs. We can train our people for 8 weeks to do this stuff and we'll work for half that salary, and that is what they did. Not just with this industry but with all the high paying low skilled jobs that we had.

    The problem we have no is there are many jobs out there but they are in high skilled industries like healthcare, biotech, alternative energy, and nursing. Can you believe we have a nursing shortage in this country. We are in such desperate need of nurses we are actually recruiting women from Africa, yeah you heard me right, Africa. Nursing is very high paying job for the skill level required and we can't find any nurses. So we have to import them from overseas. I mean this is what I am talking about. The jobs are here, we just don't have qualified people to fill them. We need to get back to education, get kids taking the math and science courses again. It's so funny, when I was in college my friends spent hours upon hours with the guidance counselors figuring out which classes they could substitute for their hard math and science classes. I mean they just refused to take these classes. Same thing in high school. Guys all the high paying jobs in the future are going to require a lot of education. OK? The days were you could go to a vocational school for 6 to 8 weeks and then suddenly make 50k to 80k a year are over. I know it's sad but it's true. So what do we do now? Well, for one, we really need to put a focus on education. Two, we need to do whatever we can to get people into these fields where we have so many jobs available such as nursing, teaching, biotech, and healthcare.

    I mean I see on TV all these older guys that worked in the factories that are out of work and what are they doing? Are they going to nursing school? No. Why? I don't know, they are embarrassed, who knows, but they could be employed in 6 to 12 months and maybe earn even more money then they did in the factory. Instead we stick our noses up on these jobs and let the jobs go overseas because we don't want to work hard. We don't want to go into certain fields. It's bullshit man, the jobs are here, we just have so many lazy Americans that want to make 100k a year working a no skilled job 40 hours a week. Yeah right, whatever, keep dreaming.

    So anyway, I'm done ranting, go ahead and tell me what you would do starting tomorrow to create jobs. I really want to hear this. This should be really good.
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