Will Bush get re-elected?

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  1. ART,

    Why allow "special interests" to lobby? Perhaps it has something to do with the First Amendment, you know one of those portions in black and white that liberals don't pay much attention to.

    But don't despair. The Supreme Court has already decided in its infinite wisdom that nude dancing is entitled to greater First Amendment protection than political speech, which previously had been assumed to be a "core" First Amendment protection by evidently misguided Constitutional scholars. I guess they just lacked the brainpower of a Sandra Day O'Connor and David Souter.

    BTW, would you outlaw all special interests or just the ones you dislike? Because the facts are that labor unions are the biggest contributors of both money and in kind help. All those rich environmental groups are no slouches either, and those liberated Judiciary Committee memo's show that the hard Left activists are pretty darn effective, especially when working in secret with Senators like Kennedy, Leahy and Schumer.

    I think candidate Kerry would be an excellent person to lead the drive to get rid of special interests. As the number one recipient of special interest money in the Senate over his 19 year career, he certainly has the experience. And since he has the most liberal voting record in the Senate in the most recent tally, he is living proof that not all special interests are Republican.
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  2. Both parties are to blame, they just dish the pork to different constiuencies, but since the repubs are bought and paid for by corporations and wealthy individuals they favor those parties with the pork they dish out.

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  3. :D

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  4. cdbern


    you didn't beat him the first time, you won't beat him this time.
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  5. start voting libertarian and reject all these asses
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  6. Just once..... id like to see the american people
    take a gamble on an outsider.

    Will the people ever get sick of the same old DEMS and REBS???

    Seriously.... the only two choices people even considered
    during the last election was 2x4 GORE, and dumbass BUSH.

    These two guys are the best the REBS and DEMS could
    offer as choices for **THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES** ?!?!?!

    Is this some kind of sick joke?!?! :mad:

    My pet cat could run the country better than either of
    these bozos.

    Libertarian anyone? ANYTHING...ANYONE... other than another
    DEM or REB. Hope I get to see it within my lifetime :(


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  7. Maverick74


    Hey Ross Perot got 19% of the vote in 92. Let me guess, you didn't vote for him.
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  8. Would have if I could have. :)
    Couldnt vote that year for reasons I wont discuss here.

    Anyway.... would loved to have seen that experiment play out.
    But the media unfairly butchered him.
    Makes you wonder how much the govt really does control
    the media.

    Remember that big sucking sound he always talked about?
    Its happening.



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  9. Maverick74


    Well, it wasn't so much the media. If you remember that year, he dropped out of the race for no reason and then got back in it 3 months later. A lot of people thought that was suspicious. I thought the media gave him a fair shake. Hell, Larry King gave him a full hour on TV with all his pie charts and everything. LOL.
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  10. Ah yes.... I was thinking of the first time he ran.
    He blew it being wishy washy the 2nd time.

    One thing I do know about Ross is, he is a no bullshit, high drive,
    get stuff done type of dude. If people took the time to look
    at his track record of getting things done, problem solving,
    and growing businesses, maybe they would have given him
    a real shot.

    But the impression I got from the media was, dont listen to
    this little crazy nazi man.

    I figure the same thing will happen to any challenger that
    is not a Dem or Reb in the future. They have a nice lock on the system.



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