Will Bush get re-elected?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Mar 8, 2004.

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    That's an important fact ART. One that Americans on every political lane should be asking.
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  2. Here, Axe, a stats page on household income from the Census Bureau...



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    Mackie, this is very much the issue. Its at the heart of the Democratic mentality. Or at least those of support Democratic platforms.

    It never ceases to amaze me how a party that promotes taxation to the degree dems do can be so popular with the subjects being taxed.
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  4. Bush's tax cuts were for the wealthy. That's the issue. The rich whine about taxes, but don't you dare mess with all the special rules that are designed just for them. Our tax code is a disgusting unintelligable mass of spaghetti, precisely because it has been tortured and twisted for the sake of special interests.

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  5. Why speak of Bush getting reelected...

    I like this campaign button:

    "Redefeat Bush in 2004"


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    For the wealthy? I'm far from "wealthy". So what do you want Mackie, to give money back to those who didn't pay in the first place??

    I agree, the tax code is a mess. You want to blame Republicans. Like they're the ones responsible? The working class were NEVER suppose to pay the amount they're called upon to pay now. NEVER. But Congress just can't get away from the pork.

    And why is it again Democrats are sooooo opposed to giving money back to anyone?
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  7. Yeah thats right. Bush cut taxes for people making 40k year,
    also know as "the wealthy" by Dems.




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  8. Actually I think it is that simple, but not easy.

    As long as we have a world economy, we have no choice but to be like "Them"

    The golden rule has always applied, in all times and places, forever!

    I'm not saying I agree, just saying, thats the way it is, and always has been.
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  9. Hey MackieMesser,

    Since you are so against the tax cuts bush **GAVE YOU**,
    you wealthy bastard you :D, I think you should voluntarily
    give them back :D


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  10. I think we should allow the dems who yearn for higher taxes to not be discouraged from paying them. The difference is that they should voluntarily pay more and not force the ones who don't want to pay. Nothing I know of prevents the dems who want to pay more from doing so just don't include me in their schemes.
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