Will Bush get re-elected?

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    Spent hundreds of billions of dollars to do what his daddy should have when he had a chance.

    Put the US back into deficit spending.

    Presided over one of the largest stock market declines in history?

    Bombed the sh** out of a country that was already in the stone ages to find one man who he never found.

    Won a presidential election with less than 50% of the popular vote by having his brother help him behind the scenes in Florida.

    OH! Wait A Minute! you mean things he's done that would be GOOD to have on a campaign ad! Now that's gonna take some thought!
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  2. Ok I see what your saying now, but I disagree with:
    Nobody is waging class warfare against you as an individual

    The dems are waging class warfare against me by labeling me
    extemely rich. See my previous post.

    Hyping people up to go after the those RICH cats making
    a mere $45k/year in california is a JOKE. You are no where NEAR
    rich in claifornia if you are the parents of a kid making $45k/year
    each. This would not be easy living in california.

    The dems have been dragging this "RICH" lie around for far
    too long and they need to be called on it.

    $45k/year in california is like 30K a year on a national level. (Probably less)

    If people who support the DEMS raising taxes on the "RICH"
    realized they were talking about people making 30-45k/year
    do you really think they would go for it?

    This is a blatant class warfare fabrication on the DEMS part.



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  4. Won a presidential election with less than 50% of the popular vote by having his brother help him behind the scenes in Florida.

    One week before the 2000 election Bush was ahead 4-5 points in the most accurate polls, then the dems ran the drunk driving attack over the weekend before the election and the votes shifted but not enough to win the electoral votes. Gore didn't even carry his home state. Gore tried to upset the electoral votes but "dumb" Bush stood his ground and look where Gore is today. This is what really irritates dems is that their dirty tricks didn't work and their candidate is history, put there by someone they consider dumb. Look at the unbeatable Ann Richards and where she is today, look at the 2002 mid-term elections and who gained
    and lost, all done or helped by this dumb candidate.
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  5. I do not know what Davis said, but $45K is ridiculous in any part of the country let alone California. Based on what I heard from Kerry and other democrats they consider rich those making above $200K a year (highest 5%). Kerry does want to repeal Bush's tax cuts only for income above $200K which I believe is quite reasonable given the current budget crisis.

    It's certainly not class warfare in my book, just progressive taxation. There will never be any hatred towards a trader making $50K or $50mln, against small business owner etc. The animosity is primarily directed against large businesses and their CEOs, boards of directors etc, which make sweethart deals, give each other huge raises and stock tips, write laws good for them and bad for the country through lobbying and compaign donations, incorporate their companies in Cayman Island to avoid paying american taxes and ship jobs overseas to avoid paying american wages. Democrats are just as guilty as republicans, but right now they are at least talking about it.
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  6. Not the issue cd. The Bushies are tilting the playing field to the point where the middle and lower classes are getting screwed even if they try hard and play the game by the rules. And they can plainly see the rules don't apply to the plutocrats.

    It's a bad deal for democracy.

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  8. It's not that simple. You can easily see what happens when government and the wealthy become too closely entwined. Your lose your democracy, or have a parody of democracy. Just look at so many of the capitalist third world countries. Do we really want to end up like them? With a wealthy ruling elite and everyone else can just eat shit and die?

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  9. Hate to agree with you AAA, but I think it's impossible to blame all economic woes on Bush and, so far, it is not all that bad.

    But Bush's tax cutting has been irresponisible and way too biased towards the wealthiest Americans.

    In foreign policy, environment, immigration and...well... almost everything, this administration is a wreck and doing us great harm.

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  10. Can anyone give a good reason why lobbying by special interest groups should not be outlawed?

    There is absolutely no doubt that lobbying by special interest groups works, so in effect you are allowing public policy to be made and controlled by wealthy/powerful groups, not a democratic process.

    Why is this legal? It subverts the spirit of the constitution, all we hear is complaints about it, but the senators and the congressmen won't give up the perks and campaign contributions that flow through the lobby system.

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