Will Bush get re-elected?

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    I think Bush will get reelected because Kerry doesn't have the intelligence, humor, nor empathy (real or perceived) of a Bill Clinton. Also Kerry has far too many skeletons in his closet to be exploited, so regardless of Bush's accomplishments or mostly lack thereof, the Dems haven't produced a decent viable alternative.
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  2. I doubt we see Bush run ads of people in unemployment lines.

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  3. i voted for bush last time. WILL BE VOTING LIBERTARIAN NEXT TIME.
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  4. I'm not a bush fan by any means, but..

    The wealthy got there by searching for, and taking advantage of "edges" within tax codes, legal loop holes, exc...
    A big edge for the wealthy is motivation to search out these potential money making, money saving, activities the government allows, at any given time.

    The working class, will always be the be the underdog, due to the searching for their "edge" factor.

    If you want to run with the big dogs, you have to get off the porch.
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  5. This will no doubt be the Dem's strategy, "worst economy in 275 years", sending "our" jobs overseas, etc. I predict it will fail. Firstly, things are not bad at all for the average voter. Most likely things will continue to improve over the year. What was the unemployment rate when Clinton was reelected?

    Secondly, Kerry can complain all he wants, but what is his solution? Raise taxes. That's it. He can rail about outsourcing, etc but let's see him run on an anti-free trade platform. Didn't work for Perot, didn't work for Buchanan, won't work for him. He already has all thoughtful investors against him, maybe he can scare 185 million WalMart shoppers over to the Republicans as well.
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  6. The wealthy have the government protecting their interests only, providing them with special favors, tax cuts and other perks, they are the ones who started class warfare.

    Since the Dems consider me VERY WEALTHY (yeah right),
    please list all the special favors, tax cuts, and other perks *I* get.

    Medicare bill benefits drug companies only, which in turn pay back to the republicans in campaign fund donations etc. This is all at the expense of american public. Same deals with oil industry, defense industry, insurance etc. So who is conducting class warfare? And if previously those benefits for big business at least trickled down to the rest of the country, now they are trickling out of the country to India, China etc.

    The medicare bill was pushed hard and funded by the AARP who
    wanted poor rural old people getting more benefits. Sounds like
    the Rebs are acting like Dems on this one.

    "CEOs compensation went up 50-100% in 2003 while they outsource work to save cost, while people can't get a job and when they do find it - it pays 20% less on average then their previous job."

    Ummmm... and this is the replublicans fault how???
    Are you saying the Dems would pass laws the prevent CEOs
    from doing this? No one can stop this.
    Are you saying the Dems will pass laws that lower CEO salaries?

    "This round of class warfare was started by republicans and the rich so they should not act surprised. What goes around comes around. "

    Nonsense. This is a blatant democrat ploy.
    Every sentence that comes out of their mouths is about
    those damn evil RICH people. Unfortunately, the fools voting
    for them dont realize that the people they are REALLY talking
    about is THEM. The middle class.

    I challenge you to find a quote by a Democratic that
    OBJECTIVELY defines what they consider **RICH** in terms
    of yearly salary.

    This should be pretty easy right?

    **YOU CANT DO IT!! ** Know why??? Because if they EVER
    admitted that by "RICH" they mean middleclass, they would
    be TOAST.

    Hey...dont get me wrong...I hate the Rebs too. Just for a different
    set of reasons.


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  7. Things aren't "that bad" for the average voter?

    What are they paying for gasoline?

    How is the air that they breathe?

    How safer are the borders?

    Was economic life better under the the last democrat or under the past 2 republicans?

    This is a coincidence? That Bush Sr. and Jr. couldn't solve the economic problems?

    The republicans point to record growth in GDP, take out government and military spending and see what you get.

    And you suggest all thoughtful investors are against Kerry?

    How could they be against someone who wants to reduce the deficit and not employ voodoo economic theory?

    We had an unnecessary, and very expensive war. How many other unnecessary wars would Bush wage in the next 4 years?

    If you are a parent, do you really want your child drafted? That is coming if Bush gets re-elected, no doubt.

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  9. The special favors and perks go to corporations, Halliburtons of the world, not individuals. Even republicans do not argue with that.

    Medicare: lots of people canceled their AARP membership over its support of medicare bill. Just another example of class warfare - government and special interests (Drug companies and AARP) against people. Same question again, who started it?

    CEOs and boards of directors make sweetheart deals, you do not believe that the government should interfere with CEO compensation, but when people stand up for their interest you call it "class warfare". You can't have it both ways, there's got to be a way to stop this abuse.

    Nobody is waging class warfare against you as an individual, it's being waged against abusive corporations, their executives and lobbiests, who actually started the whole thing.

    Do not get me wrong, I hate democrats too, it's just right now they at least are talking about serious issues facing the country, issues which republicans do not even want to acknowledge.
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  10. Ahaaaaaaaaaaa! One Democrat SCREWED up and listed numbers!

    Now if you research his quote, the $90,000 figure refers
    to PARENTAL income/Household income.

    In other words.... Gray Davis thinks you are $$$RICH$$$ if both
    of your parents make $45,000 a year in California!!

    Are you fricken kidding me??? $45K in Cali is SQUAT.

    Finally a Dem shows his true colors.

    Dems define the MIDDLE CLASS as $$RICH RICH RICH$$ to
    sell their bullshit class warfare crap :D

    Well.... I guess im rich as hell then...whatever...



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