Will Bush be Investigated?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by arealpissedgoy, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. With Democrats now headed to majorities in all levels of govt.

    A key question arises;

    Will Bush be investigated for high crimes and treason?

    Without a doubt Cheney and his "energy task force" will be investigated.

    And Cheney may very well end up in jail.

    will Bush be tried for incompetence, or will he be tried for Treason?
  2. achilles28


    No way.

    Each President pardons the last.

    Its a tradition so the sitting president is assured to get away with all types of Machiavellian shit.
  3. There will be a variety of investigations, but none likely to hit Bush too hard. Probably a couple of special prosecutors at best.

    The Democrats have never been known for spine.

  4. good point.

    It seems to be an " unwritten rule".

    Also Obama owes bush for stopping his aunt Jemimah from getting deported a day before the (s)election.
  5. Bush SHOULD NOT be persecuted after giving up office. What Ford did to Nixon was 100% right. You don't go after someone after they relinquished power. If you do, you encourage someone to hold on to power and it does hurt the country. Bush should not have been selected by the supreme court in 2000 or elected in 2004 or(he should have been impeached in between) but under no circumstance should he be persecuted now. Let the man enjoy his hard earned money.

    While a different political system, what was done to Pinochet was the most demented thing possible.
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    If they did go after Bush all it would do, in my opinion, is set up a sytem that has people trying to hold onto power for as long as possible as you just said and also settling scores as one party leaves power and the other comes in. We would become Latin America or Africa.
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    This is silly. Bush's abuse of power is a direct result of not impeaching Nixon for his crimes. The lesson the Republicans learned was that if you can get away with criminal behavior to the home stretch, you're home free.

    Clinton gets impeached over lying about a blowjob and the gutless Democrats are wringing their hands over going after real criminals. This horseshit is beyond disgusting, and it will be noted by future historians as a primary reason why America failed.
  8. I have to agree, and the cast of characters from the Nixon administration are still around (Ailes, Rove).

    It's not like Bush broke only a few laws, or small laws, he's hit some of the most gruesome all the way down to wiretapping felonies.