Will bullets ever come back

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  1. do you guys think bullets will ever come back i think erco sucks cant short things half the time
  2. Nope. Don't count on ever seeing bullets again.

    They dont generally make any regulations LESS restrictive, they only tend to make them MORE restrictive.
  3. I've heard of bullets in relation to options. What are they?
  4. Basically Synthetic puts.. useless nowadays.


  5. Is ERCO any better now?

    What sucks about it (I've never used it)?

    Is it expensive?
  6. Erco is awful. I just get conversions in several stocks and then use our firm inventory to short other stocks (Hold has inventory of like 150 stocks and we can access that inventory to short stocks on downticks...they are marked as long sells though but allow us to short nonetheless).

  7. Do you have to pay a premium to short stocks using Hold's inventory?

  8. Apparently ERCO is awful and sucks, but I'm curious as to why.

    1. What does ERCO cost?
    2. Can you short Nasdaq stocks on it?
    3. How often do you get filled?
    4. Is there a lot of slippage?
  9. slug


    There are plenty of products out there that can get the job done just like bullets.. erco is the absolute worst product out there.. Would never use...
  10. Besides Erco and conversions, what are some of the other products that allow listed shorts on a downtick.
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