Will Blockchain Change Money and Business ? Poll

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Will Blockchain Change Money and Business ?

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    Will Blockchain Change Money and Business ?

    Goldman Sachs: Bullish on Bitcoin | Crypto Markets

    " . . . we hate bureaucracy here, we respect the private sector and value their ideas. . . . and that's the future. That's where Our future lies."

    Blockchain Island | Coin Telegraph Documentary

    How the blockchain is changing money and business | Don Tapscott

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    Will blockchain change money and business



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  3. Blockchain will change the money, but bitcoin and the rest of actual criptos will become useless with no value
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    Distributed ledger
    Store of digital data spread across multiple sites and synchronized via a consensus algorithm

    Ledgers, the foundation of accounting, are as ancient as writing and money.

    Their medium has been clay, wooden tally sticks (that were a fire hazard), stone, papyrus and paper. Once computers became normalized in the 1980s and ’90s, paper records were digitized, often by manual data entry.

    These early digital ledgers mimicked the cataloguing and accounting of the paper-based world, and it could be said that digitization has been applied more to the logistics of paper documents rather than their creation. Paper-based institutions remain the backbone of our society: money, seals, written signatures, bills, certificates and the use of double-entry bookkeeping.

    Computing power and breakthroughs in cryptography, along with the discovery and use of some new and interesting algorithms, have allowed the creation of distributed ledgers.

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    Blockchain will massively change commodities ops, repo, inventory finance etc etc. That has already started. Bitcoin and friends? pointless and without value. For comparison: The technology underlying the internet has changed everything, but the price of the internet never existed. bitcoin is a false attempt to do just that. besides, it does not qualify as money in an economic-theoretical sense. no storage of value, no means of exchange. the fact that when we talk about bitcoin, we quote bitcoin in USD etc but not the other way around. nuff said.
  9. johnarb


    You write as if you understand what a blockchain is but you do not. To you it's a buzzword that you think you can throw around and mesmerize others. (I've explained what it is on one of my lengthy posts).

    In case you missed my thread https://elitetrader.com/et/threads/...ain-hard-to-tame-after-early-euphoria.334288/

    nuff said.
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    Blockchain business apps 96.jpg
    Blockchain Killer App is long overdue.
    killer app.jpg
    At the Speed of Money
    starts right in with an example of an as yet not done killer app

    feature, benefit
    what it is, what it does, net gain. what it fulfills, provides, allows. better go dig up a couple of sales books, been a while. lol
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