Will Bernanke blow it on Wed?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by turkeyneck, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. You know the guy is always behind the curve and gives you 25bps or less.
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    I still think we get no rate cut at all Wednesday.
  3. I'm going to start cutting my long exposure before Wed. I have 0 confidence in that moron.
  4. I got this bad feeling the bastard will do another .75%. Hope I'm wrong. .50 is baked in already.
  5. .25 or nothing, europe is not cutting and neither is anyone else. Would make his job easier if they would, he is now stuck with one of those 2 choices after being duped last week.


    Get a clue. Bernanke isn't responsible for the state of the US economy. Consumers choose consciously to take on more debt, refinance, buy SUV's. Besides if you played both sides of the market you'd not care if the market went up or down.
  7. Is 75bps cut good or bad?
  8. Yep and they get further into debt because of low interest rates. Lowering the rates wont help, will just create more problems further on as people continue to get further in debt. I am a little biased as I am a saver and have quite a bit of money in CD’s coming due. So savers like be get screwed. I do not like Bernanke, I think he is a tool.
  9. That's not what the problem is...if you're having to rely on some jackass to send the market into wild swings for no apparent reason in order to make the big bucks, then something's not right...

    If you're placing trades based on what you THINK Bernanke's dumb ass is going to say, AND on what day he will randomly come out to say what you THINK he is going to say, well, unless you're psychic then you're gambling.

    Plenty of people making money I'm sure, but the issue is that even though the market is always ALWAYS somewhat irrational, you can make reasonably reliable bets on at least short term future direction....but this BS with Bernanke doing surprise cuts and shit just to stir up shit is retarded.

    The volatility is great, but it depends on what kind of trading you do...just because you may not like the wild ass random swings every few days doesn't make you a bad trader....

    I'm sure all kinds of clowns are gonna come out of the woodwork to say how bad of a trader I am because I don't think this is the best market ever or some shit, but I don't really care. It is what it is.
  10. Yep, of course it isn't Bernanke's fault DIRECTLY, as he is not the one taking out massive amounts of credit...but he is facilitating this activity by cutting rates.

    The problem with the economy is too much credit, so why the FUCK would you make it easier to borrow MORE by lowering rates? It's beyond my simple mind, apparently.
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