Will Ben cut 25 or 50 bp on Halloween?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by detective, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. My money's on him cutting 50 bps just because he's afraid of another Great Depression happening in the next 3 months. Oh, and of course, afraid that Goldman might miss Q4 earnings estimates.
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    he might even cut 100 points
  3. Likely conversation going on now between Ben and Hank:

    Hank: Damn, look at that dollar rally against the euro today, its up .3%, we're safe here Ben, go turn on the spigots, we're too damn tight!!!

    Ben: You actually look at the euro/usd exchange rate? I am just looking at Goldman's estimates for Q4 and if I don't cut 50 bp, I think they are going to miss those numbers. With just a 25 bp cut, I think they'll miss 'em. If I don't cut at the next meeting, I am afraid we might have a 1930s scenario on our hands. Remember, inflation is only 2% right now, we can print till the cows come home!!

    Hank: You looking at the indices? My contacts at Goldman are asking for some help.

    Ben: I'm on the mofo. I've got T3 lines connected to all the major banks, they've got cash waiting for them anytime, I might just buy the dip here myself, I'm not gonna let those bears have a taste of any honey, let's go buy some GOOG here, I liked earnings and Goldman just put out a $800 target!

    Hank: Let's strap on the helmet, its time to get back to the turret and machine gun out some bills.

    Ben: Aye Aye sir!
  4. I'm going to go out on a limb and say he doesn't cut. I know, I'm a stupid jackass, but I'm going to bet he got so much heat for the last half point cut that he's going to pull his head out of his ass long enough to smell the rest of the world.
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    Read the FED minutes - it seems clear that he won't have the votes for another cut.
  6. He's gonna cut, whether America likes it or not. He is accountable only to the big Wall Street banks. They could give a rats a$$ about inflation or senior citizens.
  7. Not Cut;

    of course; the market tanks from here to new low.

    25bps raise; crush the oil market.
  8. As much as a raise needs to happen, there's no way. Can you imagine the calamity? Especially after Uncle Ben just got done saying how the Fed needs to follow expectations more. Haha...a raise.

    I, personally, would love it.
  9. You're dumb as shit. He'd send the economy into a tailspin even if he cuts 25bps.

    None of you guys know what you're talking about.
  10. You vastly underestimate Ben, he's got the quickest trigger in the East. Watch him shoot out liquidity through a Bazooka aimed straight at shorts.
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