Will bears cover above 2900 on the S&P?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by noddyboy, Jun 11, 2019.

Will bears cover above 2900 on the S&P?

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  1. noddyboy


    Will bears cover above 2900 on the S&P?
  2. There are very few permabears remaining. At least those who have survived the last decade.
  3. dozu888


    check forexIG sentiment.... retail dumb money all think alike... the higher it goes the more they short.

    dumb money like to say 'trend is your friend'... but when it comes to actually putting on a trade, the ego gets in the way... going with the trend makes you feel dumb in the beginning lol.. but top picking makes you feel good when you enter.
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  4. noddyboy


    Do you mean this link?
    Wow 72% are short?
  5. dozu888


    I started following this since 2016...

    in 2017 it was almost 90% short all year! hence we had a smooth ride... my pro boys knew this and would not give any covering chances;

    2018 was similar to where we are now for the most of the year, around 70% short, which indicates a rocky rise, until it was about 50% towards October.

    and here we are... 70%.

    this equity rally, after 10 years, is still hated and not popular.. which explains why the bonds are bid up to where the 10 year is yielding 2%.... it's like p.e ratio of 50... and people are calling for stocks to crash from forward p/e of 17... can you believe this shit.
  6. noddyboy


    Thanks for voting. This should be interesting. Some see 2900 as a ceiling while others as a breakout.
  7. destriero


    I shorted ESU9 at 2909. So what do I win?
  8. I feel better about myself. I took both the recent ride down and back up for nice gains.
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  9. Times


    Unless you are trading with billions, why would anyone short the S&P 500?

    So many other better indexes, products, etc to short.

    The S&P 500 was built to not fall hard and so many people want that thing up. We are talking the greatest minds on the planet, fortune 500 CEO's, Presidents, FED, society with 401k, IRA, etc

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  10. volente_00


    Because it is the greatest mean reversion trading instrument out there if you are a contrarian trader
    #10     Jun 14, 2019