Will anyone ever beat Zangar's World Record of turning $10k into 42million in 18 mos?

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  1. Impossible ven with absurd put call targets
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  2. Notice when the interview was done. Jan 2005

    Notice his comment. Most of his money is in GOOG.

    Notice his analysis of GOOG.

    Notice where GOOG is now.

    Notice his analysis of EBAY

    This guy is no paper trading schmuck. He's the real deal.

    This guys net worth is probably well north of 100 Million by now.
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  3. Im also very bullish on google

    Google is arguably the stock of the millenium and will eventually have a market cap that exceeds ten trillion assuming the governemnt doesn't try to stop it (cause google could potentially overthrow the American gov. should it get strong enough and develop the nessesary technologies to do so)
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  4. Google couldn't google itself out of a paperbag. It's only a matter of time until it comes down.
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  5. taleb31


    Balyasny. Ridiculous trader. Runs his own HF now - about $1B in assets.

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  6. Dmitri Balyasny. Number 1 Schonfeld trader all through the bubble years. Made big big money 1999-2002. Left to form his own HF backed initially bt Stephen Schonfeld. Now runs close to $1 Billion and has 100 emps in an office at 650 Madision.
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  7. Thanks for posting, risktaker.
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