Will anyone ever beat Zangar's World Record of turning $10k into 42million in 18 mos?

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  1. Why post and inspire anyone. I hope they don't take that to heart. Seriously, I was brought up to be inspired by sucess not jealous. I get motivated when I see other succesful people. Heck when I saw Austin post his 20k in one day, I was quite inspired. I respect Steve T and others for posting their wins and losses, it's motivational. And with lots of hard work I will be there too in time. I am totally confident in myself, not arrogant.

    That said I totally understand your point. ET is the king of flame wars where cyber warriors are the norm and nice folks get spit on often. Why do I stay? I learn alot of new things and just keep my raincoat and umbrealla handy!:p
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    Well said.
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  4. <i>Quote from NZDSPeCIALISt:

    I would never ever say anything to anyone. Money talks but wealth wispers. For example look at human nature right here on ET. Assuming I did such a thing and posted it on ET to inspire others, ET's finest would spend there time telling me why I didn't do it, what I did wrong, how I could have done better, why I suck, how big their dick is, why I'm going to lose it all with my strategy etc...</i>

    C'mon... are you sure that type of stuff is really posted by anonymous entities here in ET? I'm trying to think if I've ever seen such behavior myself. Hmmm, let me see... :p
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  5. Ahem... *cough* *cough*

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  6. You sound like you are 12 years old.
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  7. First, lets compare apples to apples here. You have completely taken it out of context. We are talking about $10 and a cup of coffee to the homeless, vs the starving in a third world country.

    Second, the truth is that the money rarely gets there. You are likely funding a militant leader who is using food as a weopon to control people. And the funds to stock and arm is militia.

    Finally, most people give something to satisfy their needs, and feel good about themselves. I say focus on getting results. ($10 to a homeless guy, will buy him some alcohol and cigarettes, and maybe a .99 burger at JBX.) If you focus on getting results, and instead do something that helps pick that homeless person up and get them off of the street, then everyone wins.
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  8. Thank you. Nobody said I had to sound like a mature adult to operate and do surgery on patients. I'm a biology major, not an English major. LOL.
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  9. God help your patients. You may want to complete your Caribbean education first. That's some aspiration... a Carib med degree. Wow. Why not aim higher? Perhaps become an esthetician?
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    Homeless people are one thousand times more honorable than doctors.

    Ever have a homeless person charge you a thousand dollars to give you medicine that puts you in the hospital?
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