Will anyone ever beat Zangar's World Record of turning $10k into 42million in 18 mos?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by discrat, Sep 30, 2006.

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  4. Even if I did turn 10k into 42+ mil. I would tell no-one.
    Especially if you know what's going on in the fx arena and you are in the flow, - doubling your nut in a month is not big news. As long as you do it every month you beat Zangers record and then some.

    I would never ever say anything to anyone. Money talks but wealth wispers. For example look at human nature right here on ET. Assuming I did such a thing and posted it on ET to inspire others, ET's finest would spend there time telling me why I didn't do it, what I did wrong, how I could have done better, why I suck, how big there dick is, why I'm going to lose it all with my strategy etc., etc. , etc.

    Look at the way somepeople treat RM on this board - I am really surprised he puts up with all the crap thown at him I would have been out of here long ago with that sort of disrespect from financial nobodies. Just look at this thread on the previous page:
    Some lying nobody comes here and has a go at a reputable poster. Why inspire and give back to the trading community when you have to put up with this sort of thing. As a success you become a major target if you make noise about it.

    No, people who have done the above feat - and there have been other instances I am sure , if they had the brains to do such a thing then they have the brain to not let on and probably live a normal lifestyle as well.
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  5. I've personally seen someone do $50K to over 10 million is a few years... very secretive fellow though. It's do-able with a Zanger/Darvas type strategy in a runaway bull market like 1999/2000.
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  7. i had a buddy do 2000 to a little over 1 mil in 1999/2000(tho he lost a very good chunk of that in 01)
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  9. Thats nothing, I drive 1.5 Ferraris and have a 3.5 mln dollar home and I made it all trading FX thru Oandafxspotbanditsrus. TOP THAT :D
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    Oanda is actually by far the best broker in the retail FX arena. If you said FXCM I would agree with you though ;).
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