Will anyone ever beat Zangar's World Record of turning $10k into 42million in 18 mos?

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    " you want to give back to others....then don't give them money. That's a cop out...it makes you feel like your doing something, but the reality is giving out money doesn't do much good. If you really want to help, give some of your time, and focus on getting some results. "

    Yeah tell that to third World countries where $20 a month will feed a family of four !!!
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  2. Thats BULLSHIT!! Nobody gives to us back nothing when we lose our money in the market. So when we win, the LAST thing we should do is give our money to the homeless. Therefore, what people do with their winnings is their own business. Forget the homeless. They're lazy worthless humane beings. Most of them are drunks and drugged up heroin junkies. There are government agencies which take good care of them with plenty of food and warm blankets with shelter.

    Every American taxpayer pays for homeless people to live and eat weather they make millions in the stock market or work at McDonalds. The working people take care of the lazy homeless financially without being multi millionaire stock market winners.

    So if Zanger or anybody else wins billions in the stock market or hits the lottery or whatever, then he/she can do whatever they want with their money. And don't give it to the homeless or back to society. That's stupid to give your money away after you win it. Buy yourself something nice with it. Buy yourself dream house.

    Only a RETARD would give their stock market winnings to the homeless shelter.
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  3. Would what? Believe anything he says, writes or teaches?

    Well, my work here is done.

    As an aside, biologymajor, if your trading relies upon Williams's "teachings," then may I suggest that you reserve that "warm blanket" you referred to in your post? Soon.
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  4. If you choose to give your stock winnings to the homeless shelter. Then you are a RETARD. Only a RETARD would give their stock winnings to the homeless shelter.
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  5. I did 80 down park avenue, does that count?? :D
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    Don't take this personally but you're a heartless, clueless, self-centered idiot. Perhaps you've been sniffing too much formaldehyde.
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  7. LOL. Maybe so, but I drive a ferrari and live in a 3 million dollar home that I bought all with daytrading money. LOL.
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  9. I guess it was a way to funnel money to her for some political favor or for campaign cash.

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