Will anyone ever beat Zangar's World Record of turning $10k into 42million in 18 mos?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by discrat, Sep 30, 2006.

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    Zangar did it around the Internet bubble but regardless its still pretty damn impressive. And its all documented by IRS stumbs at his Website.
    Anyone out there have or know anyone who has had some impressive rates of return in trading comparable to this??

    And does anyone ever see a person touching Dan's World Record ??
  2. Zanger
  3. Zangur too
  4. Who's Zanger?
  5. I turned 75k into 1,100,000 in 18 months. Does that come close enough?
  6. The record will be beat eventually but maybe not recorded. There are more traders and access to leverage in the World and financial knowledge is increasing. With more leverage used by the pros comes more extreme moves and periods of instability, wind downs, etc. (?).

  7. No....but still pretty damn good! If it's true....

    Don't really know who to believe on here anymore.
  8. I had bought 35,100 shares of MXT (Metris Corp) back in early 2003 when it had dropped to 1.25. The stock went to $15 before getting bought out.

    The other stock I had bought was ACF. This one still exists. I had bought 20,000 shares as it went to 1.55/share.

    Now ACF is mid 20's.

    The other diamond in the rough was AMR which I had bought 12000 shares below $2/share but I chickened out of it and sold off well before its rocket ride up to todays price.

    Good Luck man.
  9. My craziest story was buying SCKT at $0.80, selling it around $7 and then seeing it fly to $50 in less than a year. It was 99/2000 of course.

    I have reliable hearsay evidence that one of my ex bosses ran $40k to almost $100M during the 90's tech boom.
  10. I would suggest to you not to believe anyone on the internet. Especially in a forum that has to do with money.
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