Will an Oxford Graduate Degree in Pure Math get you interviews for salaried trading?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FreedomPhighter, Jun 2, 2003.

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    Yes - it should help you get an interview, but that's it.

    Then you're just at the same level as every other person going for an interview.

    Try one of the i-banks graduate trainee programs - they usually do not put you straight on the trading desk, but will let you experience multiple departments (including the trading desk) to see what you are most suited for.
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    As you command.... :eek:
  4. I voted for the 2nd option, for the reasons that Steve_IB gave... Oxford (or, for that matter, any reputable school), will increase your chances of an interview... but after that, the buck stops with YOU...
  5. Ditch


    Get this through your thick skull: it will get you interviews, but there's little benefit to becoming a trader. How often do people have to tell you this before it sinks in?
  6. Dear Mr. FreedomPhighter,

    It sure couldn't hurt. Afterall, going to school and getting not one degree but two shows that you have enough intelligence and fortitude to stick with it. And having looked at your personal profile I see that you got the first one with honors.

    So adding a graduate degree should be even better.

    I have read most if not all of your other thread. I find a few things rather interesting. First off - out of the Sixteen Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Eight registered members of "ET", (albiet some are people with more than one handle and many have come and gone) you sir, are the first one that posted his question to each and every one of the threads on this board at once and as a result we ended up with, "Can a Graduate Degree from Oxford U help me get a salaried position in trading?"
    from top to bottom on the homepage. (I've never seen that done before. Maybe you would do well in a marketing career).

    Your answer to that display, was that you thought that evey forum was distinct.

    Well maybe so, but what if every forum is distinct. Do you realise that it made you look like the biggest case of narcissism to ever enter this website. And what a grand entrance it was !!! (whether you meant to or not)

    My first thought was that low and behold, we have once again been graced by the presence of Mr. "Super Ego" ( I suppose you would have had to been here at the time to get the full appreciation of his grand entrance to the ET scene.)

    So, I started reading your thread and said, "well he is not "Super Ego" because super ego was much better at flaming than this fellow." I began to notice however, that although you were not out and out flaming anyone, that you did seem to hold yourself above others. I can't really explain it, but I know it when I see it. It appears to me that, in a rather smug little way,
    you have been patronizing most of the traders/posters that have responded to you.

    Now I admit, that you didn't get a warm reception, but my god man, take a look at how you started posting on this website. Anybody with enough sense to equal that - that god gave a mule knew that you were going to catch some flak for it.

    So when you caught some flak, rather than accept it with grace and tact, you bowed up against it. Not in a big huge way. No sir, in more of a sly way.(calling others jealous and such) Well ok, I can see a person doing something like that, no big deal.

    What I don't understand is that it seems that you are still doing this. Why is it that you continue to hold yourself so high above others and why sir do you seem to take so much pride in your education.

    Nothing wrong with taking pride in your accomplishments, no sir, you go right ahead and do that, afterall, you earned it. It just seems to me that you are taking excessive pride in it. Kind of like that's all that you have to be proud of.

    Maybe I'm wrong, I hope so, but that's the impression that I get. That you must be lacking in some other areas in your life that you would take as much pride as you seemingly do in your education. (after all, when I click on your name and read your profile it seems to me that you see yourself as a sum of your academic acheivements) Who else are you?

    As the weeks and months go by and you get all of your academic goals accomplished (and I'm sure you will), take some time to reflect on who you are and what other achievements you would like to pursue besides education and career. You are bound to have other attributes that you can expand on to foster your sense of self worth.

    If you hang all that self worth out there on education and career, and then jump headfirst into trading, and the market starts chopping some of it off, I fear that you might have a tough time with it.

    It really doesn't seem to me that you have been doing all that great of a job at "being humble naturally."

    Just a thought.
    I really do hope that you acheive all of your goals.

    Best regards,

  7. Maybe I just got up a little to early this morning? But it seems to me that even the way you order people to "answer the poll" is pompous and overbearing. Just my humble undereducated white trash opinion of course. :)
  8. either move this thread or close it.
  9. Perhaps an Oxford education may teach you some manners and how to spell the word PLEASE.
  10. I wanted to see what the general opinion on the matter was by way of a poll. I think it will help to get me the interview as well....actually, that is all I really hope for anyways.

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