Will AAPL Be the First Tirllion Dollar Company?

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  1. Will AAPL Be the First Tirllion Dollar Company?

    Someone had to say it.:D
  2. Hard to fathom.

    "Hand-held gaming/communicating" devices worth more than all of the planet's oil.
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    They thought CSCO was going to be the first Trillion dollar company over a decade ago, guess what happened after that.............haha
  4. i remember when people were speculating that csco was going to be the first trillion dollar company. it soon dropped 50% and has stayed down for a decade.
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    The interesting point about that is if you'd have said in 1999 -

    "You know what, CSCO could well be 50% lower than here in a few years and then stay very weak for a decade"

    everyone would have thought you were mad, including possibly yourself.

    Moral of the story: The unexpected really can happen so AAPL back down to $15 where it all started (in 2004) is a real possibility.

    Remember folks, AAPL was an investor darling from the late 80s into the early 90s then lost 82% of its value. What goes around comes around.........
  6. Got 100% to go

    100% rise in 500b in one sector? really?
  7. oh oh nuthin but nahsayers. ET is usually anything but right.:D

    lets not forget that AAPL is sucking the market caps out of alot of other companies.
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    How about this? Trade it both ways.:)
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    Just because Apple is running on all cylinders now doesn't mean its going to be like this the next 5, 10, 15 years, every company goes through a cycle....apple is having their cycle now, who knows how long it lasts but right now they have everything going for them, these days it doesnt take much for another company to come in and start grabbing market share from another company. Simple as that, there is always something new and innovative coming along.
  10. If Apple would have a 10 for 1 split it might quickly double in market cap as many small investors for whom $500/share is too expensive would buyers at $50.
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