Will a second recession be good for the economy?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by clambill, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. I mean if Greece defaults, people in the system panick and it spreads to Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain and they default as well, it would mean they'd be able to manage their economy more easily right? And if the US heads into another recession during the panick then if more banks fail and bad loans are written off then it would clean the system of more bad debt right?

    So, when the crap hits the fan, wouldn't it be a better time to invest?
  2. Texas


    That means world government is going backwards instead of forward.

    They want complete Unity and Control

    That is the goal

    Letting nations go is like accepting defeat in Globalist Elitist eyes.
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    If I beat you on the head, will that be good for your intelligence?
  4. lol, well I mean Jim Rogers said that if Greece defaults investors could be relieved Greece could now manage its budget. I did read his book Investment Biker. I thought the whole supply/demand thing would take care of everything.