Will a gas strike work? May 2nd

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  1. I received a text msg today that said to forward to everyone and because I believe in it, I did.

    But my question is this.

    If on Friday May 2nd everyone does not buy gas, will it really cost the oil companies 70 billion for one day? And what would the overall economic impact be? Would that not put them all into BK?

    Curious to know... Besides, who really wants to pay $4+ / gallon? No matter what your account size may be. . .

    - This is a question only for US residents. I understand other countries already pay more.
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    There are too many dependent on gas for transportation daily. These strikes never work. Most people that participate in these strikes still drive, just don't buy gas on that day. They'll have to buy gas the next day, so there is no point in delaying it.
  3. That is what I thought too but WHAT IF no one actually bought on that day?

    I appreciate your comments and they make sense, yet do not answer the question proposed.
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    It certainly wouldn't cause bankruptcy. They'd just make up the profits the next day and lose a little due to employment and storage costs.

    Remember, to make that happen, no trucks, 10 mpg SUVs, or even sedans would be on the road to not buy gas. I'm sitting on a 3/4 tank right now in my 26mpg sedan, and probably will need to fill up on the 2nd, so I'm definitely not participating in the strike, and neither will 50 million+ Americans.
  5. The concept of hurting the oil companies is a bad idea, typical anti-business horseshit.
    These are the companies investing in exploration of new oil fields/technology and fuels. These companies are also spending massive amounts of money doing research on alternate energy because they know if they don't, they will not exist in the future. They will eventually own any successful alternate fuel ventures, so stop paying attention to text messages written by pea brains.
  6. Oil producers will assume the pose that Monty Burns does when he says "Excellent" only instead of excellent they will say "MUHAHA HA HA HA go ahead! try your pathetic boycott! you'll only have to buy more tomorrow! MUHAHAHA HA HA HA"
  7. You should never buy from Citgo.

    The true strike would be not to drive on May 2nd
  8. Why would any oil company actually take part in research and development of anything that would take away from their current livelyhood until that livelyhood is completly tapped out? Prove to me that any oil company is actually looking into solar, wind and magnetic energy alternatives. Commercials are nice and friendly but really what are they doing? Just saying you are part of the solution is not enough. Action against the problem is the only way . . .

    It is too bad that so many people think "what is the use" because the reality is that if you had the mentality that "it could work" it actually would. - You simply think you are a small worthless cog in a giant wheel.

    That makes me sad for you.
  9. Yep thats right. Prices would probably go up on may 1st because they want to load up before may 2nd comes. Only if everyone stops driving (wont happen, too many fat lazy americans dont want to walk) would that work.
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    Why don't the cunts listen and think hard..............

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