Will a 5GB data plan be enough for active trading?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by wartrace, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. wartrace


    I am considering switching to a verizon mobile Internet connection. The limit is five gB a month. Will this be sufficient?

    I do not have access to cable or DSL in my location.
  2. Redneck



    I switched and use the same connection on my laptop - and have never exceeded the 5G - (for the last 7 mo daily / continuously) on stocks

    and remember those busy days late last yr.. no problems with connection speed - can't say the same for the broker though:)

  3. wartrace


    Thanks Redneck Trader,
    I appreciate the quick response. I am Leary of getting stuck with a bunch of "over charges".

    I am now paying 79.95 a month for satellite Internet but it can drop during thunderstorms around here. Verizon recently expanded their coverage to my home as did Sprint.
    I guess I will have to monitor just how much I am using and then determine if I should sign up for the verizon plan.
  4. Redneck


    No problem Sir

    I just looked at last's months bill - I used 1.493G out of an allowance of 5.120G

    Plenty of head room... and I used it every day/ all day for that billing cycle

    See Ya
  5. Same for me. Never suck more than about 800MB per day trading multiple screens of NQ with a couple of other symbols for reference. But beware of dropouts. I quit AT&T because of excessive dropouts, and I am not totally satisfied with VZ. AT&T's plan is unlimited, so you might try to find out how the two compare in your area.
  6. Cesko


    I've read 5G is like going through 30,000 web pages approximately.

    My question for people in the know how reliable Sprint's and Verizon's wireless connections are??
  7. verizon gives a 30 day trial............you will lnow after 5 days what your data needs are
  8. Redneck


    Good point I forgot
  9. Depends on where you are. I used AT&T wireless internet for years and it varied from no droupouts to totally unasable depending on where in the country I was. And the company couldn't give a shit less what kind of service you get.
  10. Redneck


    I have very reliable coverage in the back part of my house - not so good in the front - go figure

    And Thank Goodness the office is in the back
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