Will 3/11 tragedy put brakes on new nuclear plants in US?

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Will 3/11 tragedy put breaks on new nuclear plants in US?

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  1. In the US, while the coal and gas electricity industry is projected to be worth $85 billion by 2013, nuclear power generators are forecast to be worth $18 billion.


    Do you believe investors will walk away from new nuclear plants in US due to fallout from 3/11 tragedy in Japan?

    Ranking Member Markey on Nuclear power plants near fault lines


    Put brakes on new U.S. nuclear plants: Lieberman

    Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) is calling for a halt to permitting for new U.S. nuclear power plants until the scenarios that led to the serious reactor problems in Japan are determined.

    " I think we've got to kind of quietly -- quickly put the brakes on until we can absorb what has happened in Japan as a result of the earthquake and the tsunami and then see what more, if anything, we can demand of the new power plants that are coming on line," Lieberman said Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation."

  2. Gundersen: But the nasty isotopes — the cesium and strontium will remain for 30 years. And they’re volatile. Within 90 days, the iodine health risks will disappear, because that will decay away.

    After Three Mile Island, strontium was detected 150 miles away from the reactor. That ends up in cow’s milk and doesn’t go away for 300 years. The releases from these plants will last for a year, and will contain elements that will remain in the environment for 300 years, even in the best case.



    Nuclear power plants are for creation/growth whereas Nuclear weapons are for destruction. Now if creation causes destruction then shut down all nuclear power plants.

    There will be no more new nuclear power plants. Nuclear energy/power is the most destructive creation of mankind. Why do humans play with nuclear energy?

    Reduce electricity consumption by 50%. Use wood fire to roast meat. Roasted meat is the best. When you use wood fire to cook food, the ash is rich with nutrients and provides the best fertilizer for trees and plants. This will cut nuclear power and coal produced electricity by 50%.



    The ongoing nuclear accident at the Japanese central Fukushima reached level 6 gravity on the international level that are 7, said today the president of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), Andre-Claude Lacoste.

    Level 7 has been reached only once in the world


    TV pundits are already preparing brainwashing by discussing how small amount of radiation is OK. This is a lie.

    My father told me long ago that even a single atom of plutonium Cesium can give you cancer. There is no "safe dose" radiation will increase your chances of cancer

    I think it has been at least a 6 for at least 2-3 days now, maybe even a 7, but they dont want to release the news just yet, they know its a lot worse than they say it is.

    As for the winds, its blowing all of it over the pacific to the California area, as if California already had enough trouble.

    My father was a nuclear technician on a Soviet Submarine, Real Facts for Japanese Reactors.

    Breach of containment has definitely happened as you can see from recent sat photo. Notice the white smoke this is a 100% sign that Cesium and others are escaping and have already escaped in mega numbers.

    My father says that Japanese government has only one card they play. Because Winds are taking the radiation into pacific toward Hawaii Japanese can say there is no radiation.

    The Fact is if winds were taking radiation westward entire Japan would already be irradiated and Authorities wouldn't be able to lie

    Don't make the same mistake people of Ukraine made, believing lies of government. This is serious matter coming to air near you

    My father guarantees that you will be able to see higher radiation in Hawaii a week from now and even higher than normal radiation on West coast of United States
  3. This happened on 3/11? Seriously. Wow. Something to think about.
  4. 31 USA reactors are similar in design to ones failing in Japan.

    USA has nearly 100 nuclear reactors.
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  6. When Chernobyl exploded 100 000 people got cancer all over Europe and Russia over the next 10 years.

    As for Chernobyl, facts are this :

    * For the 14 years since the disaster 300,000 died in Ukraine alone from the radiation sickness
    * The releases contaminated an estimated 17 million people to some degree.
    * 143,000 people have been evacuated from contaminated areas of Ukraine
    * 600,000 people took part in liquidating effects of the disaster, 100,000 of which already died or are now handicapped
    * Cases of leucosis and thyroid cancer exceed average by 2 and 5 times correspondingly among the Chernobyl victims.
    * There are 1.8 million people residing on the territories of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, which are still defined as contaminated

    I read articles about nuclear waste storage problems in France (80% of their power is from nukes).

    Why not just use coal? I have nothing against nuclear power but why bother when we have so much coal available?

    I am convinced even if we had the world's largest supply of oil easily obtainable we would try and find something else to use.
  7. The very word Tsunami is Japanese. The history of Japan is Tsunami. Yet every single redundant back up has failed after a Tsunami. How's that for perspective?
  8. Suggest you get a quart of Haagen Dazs and get ready to get chip-faced.

    1. Coal is a lot cheaper and abundant in the US. One problem.. it's "dirty". But there are "scrubbers" to clean the emissions. Yes I know, scrubbers are expensive and wear out. But their cost should be factored into our energy prices from the money saved as a cheap source.

    2. WE'VE ALREADY GOT THE WORLD'S LARGEST OIL RESERVES IN THE USA.. according to some. Shouldn't we develop those rather than sending $700 Billion/year to the ME to countries who'd like to see all of us Americans DEAD?

    So... what and whom is driving our [lack of] national energy policy?
  9. Reactors contain years worth of uranium fuel. Nuclear bombs contain a lot of nuclear fuel too but it's almost entirely consumed in producing the explosion, bomb fallout is actually stuff like bomb casing material and dirt and building debris that is irradiated by the gamma wave blast. It's pretty radiaoactive for a while but is gone after a few months. A nuclear reactor meltdown wouldn't consume the nuclear fuel, so the area around it would be poisoned for centuries by a large amount of long half-life radioactive material.

    Hope this helps.
  10. Small quantities of Wood coal (charcoal) is used as medicine for stomach problems. People use wood coal as filters to clean water. Wood coal dust is 100% natural and does not cause any harm/damage if it is inhaled by people. Coal is not dirty.
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