Will "24" be any good in re-run ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kandlekid, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Well, now that Fox has announced that "24" will end with season 8, will it be any good in re-run ?
  2. even better, the mold on the videotape improves resolution and acting.
  3. jem


    it already is in re run in some markets.
    my tivo tapes it on three different channels.

    Unless your speaking of this particular season.

    In which case - I am not all that impressed with it so far.

    it is still very good for t.v. but it is not as good as it was.
  4. I think that is why they decided to axe the show. It's funny, the episode before they announced the retirement of the show I was thinking "Man, it seems like they are doing the same crap over and over". And then whamo, they must of seen the same thing.

    Maybe the movie will be good that they want to put out.

    But what will they call it? 2? 2.5? 3?
  5. i hate that show. the weird camera closeups are soo annoying. :confused:
  6. Yeah, it makes their heads look giant. :p
  7. the constant camera panning back and forth makes me dizzy :D
  8. Perhaps you're too close to the screen. Litmus test: does the screen fog up when you watch TV?