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  1. As mentioned earlier, SP500 / DOW daily chart is very overextended resulting in another Wile E.Coyote scenario.
    DOW weekly chart below shows updated megaphone as of 10 January. Price action in highlighted area reveals a choppy market lacking consensus and conviction.

  2. [​IMG]

    Cycle, your endless threads are really getting annoying.

    Mods, please put an end to this never ending clutter of contradictions that we get from this fool.
  3. Based on that chart, we could either plunge to 11k or explode to 14k in the next year?
  4. here's a new line for emg: More than 90% of trolls post bullshit! They just post bullshit!
  5. Or ....

    95% of traders are like GrandSupercycle! They just lose.
  6. Given he's calling for a massive crash in 2012 taking us below 2008/2009 lows, the declaration of a correction seems stupid even for him. If he really believes in a crash well stop posting this crap, buy your deep otm puts on market indexes, and shut the fk up.

    Personally, I didn't find the crash of 2010 or the crash of 2011 that he called to be very impressive. There were some fans on EliteTrader that seriously declared him a great success in August, simply because we finally got a correction. A correction, however, that bottomed out at levels higher then his original short call. So, he has been underwater on all these trades for the enture duration.
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    Is there a reason to draw those two specific green lines? It looks like he just made it up.
  8. This is why he has been compared to a unicycle with missing spokes on its wheels (the metaphor suggests the structural integrity of his claims are broken - like the spokes on his wheels - and is very narrow minded - like the unicycle has trouble switching directions readily).
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    Not to mention he's a clown and clowns ride unicycles.
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