wild wild prices!!!???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by risktaker, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Any of you guys noticed any changes in the SPEED of price changes of stocks in last few days?

    I look at a LOT of stocks and it seems that bids/ask/last trades are just going berserk! up, down, up, every second, much more than even during "fast" markets. Some of my programs apparently can no longer keep up and are skipping/delaying quotes.

    This is nuts.

    btw, does anyone know of any site/vendor of such statiscal data like trades at bid, trades at ask volume on uptick, volume on downtick, etc? QCharts has a bit of it but I dont think it's of any use in realtime.
  2. It's what happens right before we fall into the Abyss.:D
  3. So much uncertainty on what things are worth. I think GE is a good short here at 8.90. Let's see what happens. Stop 9.01.
  4. Tempted to get out at 8.77. :D
  5. 8.72