Wild Fires in Cali

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dnaj65000, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. I live in BC and this summer we had the worst forest fires on record. Now I hear about huge wild fires in Cali. All the while, I saw the ineffectiveness of water bombers and smoke jumpers and thought to myself, there has to be a better way to fight fires.

    So, going back to main science principles, fire needs oxygen to burn. So the best way to squelch the fire is to cut off its fuel. NASA, or some geologic company, or government agency must have a light weight material that is fire proof. Have it in a huge roll that covers whatever is logistically viable and pull it over the fire like a huge blanket. Either that, or have the blanket cover non-burnt areas and let the fire burn itself out, effectively creating a fire break.

    Using water bombers with retardant on a run that only covers about 50 trees seems futile and expensive.

    Have 4 heavy duty chinook style helicopters tether the 4 corners of the fire blanket, fly it over an area, drop 2 of the corners to the ground, have the other 2 drag it a bit to make sure it doesn't get tangled up, and then drop the last 2 corners and let the fire burn itself out in 30 mins or less. Get those smoke jumpers to rappel down and hook up the corners back to the tethers.

    Sounds way more cost effective and viable in areas where there isn't lakes for bombers to pick up water or retardant.