"Wild" & "Extreme" Futures or Forex or Options

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  1. Started: Thursday February 19, 2009 @ 5:30pm EST...

    "Wild" & "Extreme" Futures or Forex or Options Journal by IncreaseNow...

    I am getting ready to freshly fund either my Futures account, Forex account or options account. I've been on the sidelines for some time...and so have has my cash $$$...been doing some demo trading (options and futures) but it be time to "Get back in the game" as they say...I am greatly looking forward to it...

    The following is what I am considering trading depending on what account(s) I freshly fund:


    CME Globex Currencies (same as listed in Forex below)



    OPTIONS (Stocks)

    ...perhaps GLD or USO (I have liquidity concerns with these two)
    ...maybe VIX, NDX and IWM...maybe...?


    Spot Gold

    ...I'll try to update as much as possible...FEEL FREE TO COMMENT AND ADD THOUGHTS AND INSIGHT...best trading to you all...
  2. Dont start a journal unless it is real cash!
  3. Why don't you fund an IB account. That way you could trade all three in the same account. We'd really be impressed then!

    Or do you not have the $5k minimum to open an account there?
  4. I am totally pumped about this new trading season...looking at a big research day tomorrow
  5. wow you really like that dollar yen.
  6. ooops...meany usd/cad...many have told me to start a journal..also there are many journals that have simply trading thoughts before they trade...do a search in the journals section...all be cool...inow
  7. nah...I really like global futures/RCG where I trade futures...optionsxpress where I trade options...IGmarkets where I trade forex...they are all great and proven...heard too many bad things about IB
  8. made great $$$ today daytrading SPY options and ES futures...more info to come..demo trading