Wild currency moves

Discussion in 'Forex' started by bond tr4der, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. :eek:

    Is anyone else in awe?
  2. These 200 pip movements per day are crazy!
  3. I was just noticing the massive pump and dump into the close on the Euro. What the f? These markets are wild indeed.
  4. Peter35


    It's first time that we see such move in our lives!!! GBP/USD down 1000 pips in few hours. The world will not be like before guys....
  5. 200 pips per day?

    Try 1000 pips in 12 hours (Aud/jpy).

    It's unreal. I'm shell shocked.
  6. currency traders should love this, as long as there is liquidity, we can make money!!
  7. Bring it on baby. I'm making more money in forex than ever before.
  8. EURJPY was 1000 pips in 10 hours :D

    It has made the markets like a Texas Hold'Em table, I think. And there are no "technicals" right now, no matter what they say... it is simply a function of the fear - and like Hans Jürgen Redeker from BNP Paribas talked about earlier on Bloomberg.
  9. I can't figure out why traders are buying yen. Maybe Bank Of Japan is selling USA treasury bonds? What happens if the USA Government attempts to borrow now?
  10. Hook,

    Japanese investors are taking their money back home, as well as hedging - since interest is roughly 0% there... and they need to deliver returns. Then there are also carry trades unrolling - as well as some speculators fuelling, for sure, but the markets are illiquid.
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