Wild close today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Htrader, Nov 29, 2002.

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    What in the world happened to the futures at the close today? Looks like a huge mistrade.
  2. I hit the sell button by accident.. sorry guys..

  3. Obviously, some institution thought Wednesday's huge gain will have to be retraced before we can move on, because otherwise too many people, who have taken the week off, would be left out.
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    F@#$% Maket Makers ! What a pitty, ruin the day! Small traders unite and destory this market place so that MMs cannot make livings.

  5. Naz futures spiked down about 35 pts in a couple of minutes. IF it was an error some poor schmuck just got roasted.
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    That's why I think small accounts and inexperienced traders should not touch futures especially including SSF. we are incapable to handle paper loss, wild market moves and no liquidity. At least, we need to know when to watch on the side lines. Why inexperienced traders like me don't know.

    F@#$% MMs, regulators, brokers and those whoever try to take advantage of or kill small traders.

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    935 to 935.5 were important intraday support levels... intraday and from yesterday. It looked like it just brokedown, albeit quite violently.

  8. NQ dropped 15 pts in less than a minute.
  9. what does time & sales look like for that drop? I see it popped back 27 points. This is a good example of why I am skeptical of these auto executing systems.
  10. Looks like JPM is beta-testing Jasper.
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