Wikipedia Virus

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  1. Wiki is shut down for today at least in England to protest against piracy laws.

    When I visited the site I got virus warning. Two files needed to be deleted.

    Anyone else had this?
  2. I came across this on Wikipedia.

    'This limb disfigurement article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by
    expanding it.'

  3. So Wikipedia are blocking all their content that is written in English for 24 hours.

    So only a small minority of people in Britain will be affected then?
  4. I get the impression you are holding prejudices. Am I correct in that assumption.
  5. No, Jokes don't work unless we make fun of prejuidices.

    I'm don't care what language people speak because frankly I am a multi lingual prick. I don't talk to people.If you start talking to people then they start asking you questions, one thing leads to another and then everybody wants to be your friend.(If I wanted friends I wouldn't have pissed off the one I had).

    Fer instance, take today. I had a meeting, I knew it was a stupid meeting, I didn't need to go. But I got dressed up, shaved, wasted my time and gas and went. Guess what happened (besides the fact one person Barely spoke english), they were glad to see/meet me. I changed their life. I left and felt really good about myself, I made an impact.I can't be doing shit like this day in and day out.Blah...

    Well at any rate, I'm rambling, disregard this post..Past performance is no gaurantee of future results.--Ya think?:D

    Hmnnnn...:D (I wonder if one of these is enough?) :D There!

    And there :D ... and there...:D
  6. BSAM


    Dogs are the best friends.
  7. Nutmeg you are really crazy and make me laugh so much!
  8. Thanks. Now well see how Morgan takes it. He's a senstive guy...:eek: