Wikipedia Scrubs “Forward” Entry Clean

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  1. When The Truth Hurts Delete It… Wikipedia Scrubs “Forward” Entry Clean

    Posted by Andrea Ryan on Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 2:12 PM

    Something Wikipedia doesn’t want us to have, apparently. Last month, Obama launched his new campaign with the slogan, “Forward”, the same slogan famously used by several Communist movements and the Nazi youths in Germany.
    Barack Obama’s latest campaign slogan “Forward!” also happens to be a famous Nazi youth marching tune.

    But, now it’s gone…
    A quick search on Wikipedia revealed that “Forward” was, also, the name used for several Socialist publications. However, once Obama launched his new Communist-themed campaign, the Wikipedia post that had been on the site for a year and a half just mysteriously disappeared. Now, Wikipedia would like you to believe that “Forward” just means the opposite of “backward”. Yeah, and smart is the opposite of stupid.

    Independent Journal discovered the airbrushing:

    Wikipedia has decided to delete the page titled ‘Forward (generic name of socialist publications.)’

    Wikipedia wrote this morning that after reading many comments and “various good points made on either side,” they deemed that there is “little or no connection between the disparate publications of the same or similar name other than similar ideological outlooks.”

    That seems awfully peculiar that this happens right now, just weeks after Obama’s campaign announced their slogan would be ‘Forward.’ The page has been up for almost a year and a half, so why now?

    Wikipedia says that, “while the publications listed in the article are indeed individually notable, there does not appear to be a unity between them except in terms of sharing some name and being socialist in character.”

    So, Wikipedia, you expect me to believe that there is no unity between all of the publications even though they shared the exact same name and socialist political ideology? I’m not buying it. This never would have happened if Obama’s campaign slogan were something other than ‘Forward.’

    When Liberals don’t want people to know the truth, they just delete it. Why not? Socialism is the land of make-believe.
  2. In Jamaica "forward" is used as a replacement for the word "come" since "come" sounds like "cum".

    Forward nuh man!

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    With any luck, you'll lose some sleep over it.
  4. The word '' forward'' was brought forward as a way to appease '' Backward Republicans'' and birther conspirators in a bid to unite the nation in this affect us all crisis.
    It is simply a way of telling the war loving Republicans that Obama is on their side and is ready '' FOR-WAR(you)Dummies''
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    It was a stupid choice by Obama and I don't blame them for dropping it since it has historical socialist and Nazi roots.

    But, it bothers me that Obama can so easily scrub history and facts off the Internet. It's disturbing that they have the power to just erase facts and events from the historical record.
  6. Obama may have to do some more scrubbing to rid his inmate no. 11593-051 problem.
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    Maybe Obama should trade places with this prisoner.
  8. lol do they really talk like that?