WikiLeaks to expose BofA next year?

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  1. In an interview with Forbes, WikiLeaks' Julian Assange promises that early next year the group will publish "tens or hundreds of thousands of documents" generated by a "big U.S. bank."

    The documents will provide "true and representative insight into how banks behave at the executive level in a way that will stimulate investigations and reforms," Assange said, revealing "some flagrant violations" and "unethical practices."
  2. BAC is the prime suspect here, unless another bank has been definitively singled out. The way BAC has been heading down in the crazy up market is quite telling.
  3. the twat already claimed he had reams of data on BAC a full year ago.

    this is old news
  4. Probably Citigroup. They're trying to erase that plutonomy report from a few years ago off the net.

    If it was a british bank then no doubt HSBC - the Fed warned them about money laundering a few months ago.
  5. Could it be GS?
  6. I would not be surprised if it never gets out in the public.
  7. assange will be dead soon. he claims to have documents on the russians that he is threatening to reveal. that is not a good idea. they will not mess around and will kill him. lol maybe another poisoned tipped umbrella in the back of the leg like they did to that defector/spy years back.
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