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    I suggest we start a new Wikileaks thread to pull together all interesting news stories related to the ongoing Wikileaks revelations.

    Perhaps anything potentially market moving could be posted here (after you've 'pre-positioned' yourself accordingly, of course!) :)

    To get the ball rolling, here is a useful link courtesy of the Guardian online newspaper...basically a drip feed of Wikileaks highlights:-
  2. Wikileaks is a Whistle Blower.
    Govt must protect all Whistle Blowers.
  3. I think this is the best idea I have seen on this site. Great thinking.
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  6. They should just info dump onto P2P imho. let the world take care of it from there.
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    Search engine for the cables (very good):-

    If you hit the ZEITGEST tab you can view what others are searching for.

    Now if the Feds were really smart they would track these searches. Quite a few middle eastern names appeared when I wonder if OTHERS are wondering what the USA knows about THEM...

    I did a quick search for "NORTH KOREA" and the following popped up:-

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