Wikileaks has BP docs! (After the close July 30).

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by wilburbear, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. They're spill docs.
  2. The Wikileaks-BP-spill docs are described as "significant".

    Criminal penalties give new dynamics to what BP insiders will reveal in order to avoid punishment.

    But, MOST IMPORTANTLY - Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, etc., make no mention of these spill docs.

    ***It may be possible to get off shorts at good prices on Monday morning, because this snowball has not yet started to roll.
  3. Can Wikileaks disclose the Swiss bank details of politicians?
  4. Which country's politicians?
  5. Yes, anything.

    And they will work very hard to keep from knowing your identity. They don't want to have to keep that secret.
  6. I didn't see any difference among politicians across the world.
  7. Wikileaks having "significant" spill docs on BP, is not mentioned on Google Finance, or Yahoo Finance again today.

    This snowball hasn't started to roll. May be a short if it opens up on Monday morning.
  8. The static kill starts tuesday. Better to wait to see it crack before getting run over by celebration hype of spill containment.