WikiLeaks Bitch Slaps Obama

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  1. No. But every progressive dolt who loves Wikileaks sure did.
  2. Remember that "accident"... where 30(?) Seal Team 6 members died? You know, the ones who were on the scene of Bin Laden's situation?

    Was the "accident" to be sure any "loose ends" were silenced?

    Would the US Government sanction the death of 30 US soldiers to assure the details of a lie never leaked out??
  3. yea, obama has secretly put osama into the witness protection program in the united states. after all they are muslim brothers and brothers have to stick together.
    you conspiricy nuts are amazing.
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    Yes, they would.
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    A whole plane loads of generals went down a few years ago, it's leaked that they were not exactly in lockstep with the Really Big Money and Power Crowd.. Israel prunes organizations like Hamas by killing off the most radical ones that are rising to power. In their case I can see it, they are surrounded by a billion people that hate them... It's just a technique that works. These Really Big Money and Power folk are largely what the book of Revelation is about, so wow, they make it into the History Book but the meek inherit the earth. Everybody goes on to their reward, is that cool or what?
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    Remember the "airlift of evil"?

    The Airforce evacuated hundreds of high-level Taliban and some Al Queda to "accident".

    Take a look at the border. Wide open 10 years after 911.
  7. Ditto. I still haven't ruled out the US Government being duplicitous in 9/11... the excuse to enact the heinous Patriot Act... and all the warring which has followed.

    But maybe that's just me. I see government evil and conspiracy every which way I turn.

    :( :(
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