Wifes should work. No room for housewives in this economy anymore!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by latinotrader, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. I've landed to the conclusion that both hubsand and wife must work.
    Average Americans can no longer afford a housewife, even if it's a trophy wife.

    Wifes and girlfriends should get a job, even if it's a checkout cashier McJob.
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    Too expensive to put swmbo to work.

    Unless you are married to an attorney or RN or something like that it often nudges combined income into the next bracket and costs more than her take-home.
  3. ["come to the conclusion"; "husband"; "wife" --> "wives"]

    In your case, I totally agree... that way you can keep an eye on her from the kitchen...

    :D j/k, peace...
  4. There are not enough jobs out there for everyone.
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  6. What does your wife do for a living?

    Also, what if you are an above average American, does your wife still have to work?

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    You've "landed" on your head. Everyone's situation is uniquely theirs. :cool:
  8. What is even more funny are the women who married the guy that they thought had it all, McMansion, Nice Car, Good job...only to find out that he ran them into Massive Debt and now doomed.

    But as far as women go and them working...well I have had my share of hot young pussy, even to this day. All trophy and you know what... I got rid of each one fast.

    ....here is my response:


  9. Violations:


    YOU are the hunter. If you can't bring home the bacon, give HER your dick and let HER hunt, faggot.
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    ju crazy meng...The Housewives of berverly hills is just getting good...
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