Wifes ring stolen

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  1. My wife, father and brother in law, and I all went rock climbing at a local gym tonight. My wife took her engagement ring, wedding band, and a promise ring off and put them in her bag in a zipped up pocket. An hour later she got her phone out of her bag, and she felt for her ring and it was still in there. Another hour later we are leaving and she grabs her bag and the rings are all gone. It was zipped the whole time.

    I know probably not the best idea putting them in there, but she didn't want to scratch it up. I saw a group of people standing around over there but didn't think anything about it. But now it's gone. Searched all over the gym and filed a police report. It was about $3500 total. I filed a police report and they said a detective would call me in a week and that all local pawn shops have to hold jewelry for 30 days before they can sell it.

    Should I just try to claim it on homeowners insurance, or with the gym or what? I don't want to go after them because I mean it's not Their fault it happened. Any input on what to do?
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    Report the theft to the gym.. see if they have security cameras

    And see if they can offer any suggestions/ remuneration - which is doubtful

    File a police report - good if you have pictures and can supply them a copy

    Then approach your Ins. company

  3. Filed a police report. They have cameras but he told me they only can see the walls for liability reasons in case someone falls they have it on camera. But he wouldn't let me know where they were he just said nope they don't see the walls. He just kept saying she must have lost it because nobody ever steals there. He wasn't too happy about the police report being filed but I mean shit it's a lot of money I'm not gonna just let it go easy.
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    Call the cop/ detective you filed the theft report with and suggest he ask the gym for a copy of the video tapes

    Couldn't hurt

  5. Yea I agree that's what I was thinking. I'm going to keep checking craigslist also to see if anyone lists it for sale.
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    Check the local pawn shops too

    Maybe provide each of them a written out description / picture if possible

    Success Sir

  7. Going from that it sounds like the staff might be involved.
  8. There were only two staff members there, and one we know and he was talking with us almost the whole time. The other is the son of the owners, I would suspect he would have done it because he was behind the counter the whole time basically. But anything is possible. There was a group of people that I suspect it was, but i don't know any of their names. The only way I could identify is if they are members there then they will have a picture on file. Once the detective calls I'll get him to look into that because I'm sure they won't show me the records without him asking.