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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by JPB, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. white17


    I'm having the same problem. i click on a thread and then get message box asking if I want to load some kind of "flash" jazz. i say no and I'm right back to the original screen. Happens over and over. Am running NT4 SP6. IE 5.5
    #11     Apr 23, 2002
  2. David I

    David I


    I imagine your working to get some resolution but just to add my bit to the pot ... it's very difficult for me to read any of the threads in the Trading forum due to the background color problem and I'll be very interested to see that situation resolved. I can see the titles of the threads (in red text with black background) but I can't read or see any of the last post timestamp information which really helps me in deciding which thread to read, etc.

    Hope you can fix it or post a workaround that we can implement so I can navigate the Trading forum as I once was able to.


    - David
    #12     Apr 24, 2002
  3. David I

    David I

    Here's what I see when I visit the trading forum. All others are fine. I found that I can hack my way through this by dragging another window over and across the browser window. The screw-up with the background fill process is such that moving a window across the browser re-paints in some of the window to look as it's supposed to (thus I can see the last post timestamps). However a refresh of the browser returns the messed up view.

    Hoping for a answer or better yet a change that takes care of this.

    - David
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  4. white17


    Baron FWIW its still happening on my end. Trading forum only.
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  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

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  6. white17


    baron. thank you
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  7. tuna


    What about this overlaying prob ?
    using IE 5.5...win2k.
    Saw Tom and Zen on this thread saying they were getting it too.
    I've had it elsewhere also so its not just an elite problem.
    Does IE 6 stop this?
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  8. Baron,
    I sent you a PM re: this problem also, except that additionally, I have someone else's nic on my main page. I've figured out that this other person also works for my firm in one of our other offices(I've never met him). Perhaps cookies in the network environment has something to do with this problem. I don't have problems connecting from my home computer.
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  9. tom_p


    white17, zentrader, David I, tuna - did (re)installing Flash help you? It didn't resolve the problem for me.
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  10. tuna


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