Widows Vista ?

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  1. I am In the process of buying computer for my teenage daughter. She is mainly doing a lot of projects for school. What type of Windows to buy?
    XP home? XP pro?
    How abut the Widows Vista are they any good? Will it support my old programs like Microsoft works?
  2. If you buy a brand new computer, then you have no choice than to get Vista. Yes it is good. It is the latest and up to date. It is hack proof. XP is going away soon. Vista is new. Get Vista Home premium.

    But you really are asking the wrong forum. This is a forum about daytrading the stock market. Not computers. You will get a lot of people with their own opinions on here. Most people on here are use to XP because they have been using it for years. So they will tell you to stay with XP.

    But it is the same as an old man refusing to upgrade his old 57 chevy to a 2007 chevy corvette because he is use to his old car. You should get Vista for her. People are use to XP and don't want to upgrade yet. You should get her the latest and best Vista home premium edition. Buy her a laptop. Those are trendy and popular right now. They do everything a desktop can do and takes up less space and she can take it with her to class.

    Don't get her a XP. Get Vista. She will appreciate a brand new modern operating system like Vista.
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    You can still order Windows XP on new systems, if you order Build To Order or Configure To Order units. Most business-minded customers (individual or corporate) have no plans to upgrade to Vista because there's no compelling business case. Home users, on the other hand, have little reason not to upgrade, since most software developers will focus their efforts on Vista-based software.

    If you buy a decently-powered machine, get Vista, but you'll need at least 2GB of RAM for the Aero-capable versions. I'm running Vista Ultimate, and it's a dog with only 1GB of RAM on a machine that was over-powered for WinXP!
  4. I just ordered custom comp .3.4GHz dual core. 2GB RAM
    With Vista Windows .Hope it will be fast…
  5. Congratulations! I know she will be thrilled with it. You ordered the right one. :)