Widespread Chinese securities fraud

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    this is wide spread in China, hence the popularity of on board cameras to catch these things for the drivers.... it's called 'Peng-Ci', which means 'touch porcelain' lol.. and that porcelain very fragile lol.

    and you think this is low... that's basically the commercial/biz environment in China... people have no concept of credibility... everyone just wants to make a quick buck... and that's how they have been operating on the international stage.

    Finally we have a leader doing something about this, doing something to defend western civilization and western way of lives... and half the population get brain washed by the fake news media..

    People will wake up hopefully.

    ET guys should have more money than average... donate to the Trump campaign! make sure we KAG!
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  2. I wish we could combine Yang and Trump. Those are my two favorites out of the people in the race.
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    Re: "Widespread Chinese securities fraud"
    This article has nothing to do with securities, so this post is a fraud. The poster obviously isn't a a trader, has nothing to do and just trying to get attention, thinking that someone needs every article from the internet to be posted here and pretending to be related to "securities".
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    I didn't know about Yang until ETer's told me about his UBI... but his idea is not exactly what I was talking about.... UBI ok, but he's saying VAT... actually I was saying that the Dems should run on a platform to advance the left leaning silicon valley so that America completely dominates the coming AI revolution, create unlimited abundance, then give people the UBI.... so THAT would be close to Trump's vision, except the latter is more old school, understandably so due to his age, to focus on manufacturing jobs and conservative ideas... while the former is also for the greater good of the country but more on the cutting edge technology.

    The Dems idea of keeping people on the plantation... just for the votes and the power grab... terrible.

    yes the GOP tends to be guilty to expand the military industrial complex, but that in general is good for the country - stronger military, more global land grab... stuff that is good for America..
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    You’re nitpicking.
    By unemployed I meant having nothing to do, including not trading.
    If I used a different word you could also find something wrong with what I said so I guess these shitty and spammy posts are my fault. I do apologize.
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    It's been going on in Russia for years and years. Nothing new. Watch enough of these and you can see the fraud.

    That's why their insurance companies require dash cams, apparently.

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    You know this how? Having plenty of money and nothing to do does not seem so terrible. McDonalds' employees meanwhile are very busy.
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