Widescreen vs Square Monitors

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  1. I've only ever used square monitors, and am eventually looking to change from 2-17" to 3 slightly larger screens (19" or 20").

    Any experienced opinions of widescreen vs square is appreciated in helping with this decision.
  2. Go for the 22", or larger, Real Estate is so cheap these days!

    The only drawback of widescreen vs square is if you are accustomed to two or four neat charts/screen in a quadrant, the widescreen layout is a bit annoying, but you get used to it.
  3. The widescreen layout is indeed annoying. I only use it for charting.

    For actual reading and surfing of the Internet, the "normal" square-screened displays are the best.
  4. I hate wide screens. In fact, the first ones I bought (I didn't realize they were so different), ended up being returned to Dell.
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    Widescreens are for consumers and square screens are for professional users. Not to mention that widescreens take up a lot of the desks length for LESS screen space for the wide foot print on the desk. Go to google and do the math of sq in for the different screens.

    I am a Breakout trader so i need TALLER screens. Scalpers trading the range noise can have the widescreens. :D
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    You're right if the new screen has less pixels vertically. Going from a 1600x1200 to a 1680x1050 sucks.

    But, a 1980x1200 gives you the same vertical resolution with 23% more viewspace horizontally.
  7. Widescreens can become Narrow-High Screens if that format works better for you.
  8. I would never have thought so many had a fetish against wide screen.

    I use 2 Dell 24's, in a T formation.

    No problem at all. Maybe people with square heads prefer square sets.

  9. Is it easy enough to find mounting options for wide screens if you want to tile say 4, 6, or 8 of 'em?
  10. Yes. You'll find some discussions on them here.
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