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  1. currently I'm using a 17" crt
    I can display MT4 or others edges to edges with 2 charts Tile Vertically
    when I add an NT chart I can half size it and overlay the left MT chart, but when I
    add the Basic Entry page the screen is out of space

    so what I want to know
    does a widescreen have more horizontal space available than the 4x3 ratio ? or is
    MT say just stretched horizontally edges to edges when maximized ?
    I was thinking a 19" screen size would do me otherwise I'd be turning my head from
    side to side with anything larger - what do you think ? I'll only be displaying the set-
    up described - see attached
    would appreciate seeing an example of a similar setup from your widescreen - size ?
  2. Wow, been a long time since we discussed CRTs...

    Your 17" CRT can display resolutions up to its designed maximum... same goes for your video card.

    You can get "more stuff" displayed on your CRT by adjusting its resolution higher... but everything will be smaller.. maybe too small for you to use comfortably. (Go into your Display icon and adjust the slider bar all the way to the right. That will tell you the max resolution you can display... set it there and check your charts, etc. and see if everything is too small. If it's too small, you'll want to buy a monitor and perhaps a new video card so you can display something with greater resolution than the maximum on your 17".)

    Modern LCD monitors display a maximum resolution depending upon how many pixels they have. 20" & 22" typically display 1680x1050 pixels. 24" are usually 1920x1200 or 1920x1080.
  3. My best guess is your current CRT's resolution is 1024 x 768 from the attached image file you provided.

    I agree that you can easily get up to 1680x1050 or 1920x1080 with today's monitors. Effectively almost double the width you have now.

    Turning head from side to side with 1 monitor? Really??? How far away are your eyes from the monitor? If your eyes are about 2 feet away from the screen, I think it hardly takes you to turn your head even with 2 monitors side by side.
  4. CRT says it all.

    Buy some LCD's. They're as close to free as they're going to get save a deeper depression.
  5. Your charts look nice. I like that Blue. I use Tradestation and I wish they would improve the colors on it.
  6. ?????

    In TradeStation you can set your chart's background to any color you want.

    Right click on the chart. Do a "Format Window...", then select "Background". Set the color to the blue of your choice.
  7. easymon1


    "...so what I want to know
    does a widescreen have more horizontal space available than the 4x3 ratio ? or is MT say just stretched horizontally edges to edges when maximized ?"

    Yes, Relative to the height of the screen there is more horizontal space available. How you use the space is a function of the graphics card settings. As a matter of perspective, relative to the horizontal space there is less vertical space available on a - shortscreen, lol.
  8. thanks guys - know my questions are dumbass
    the computer store I shop at would probably let me install MT4 on their computer to
    see what it looks like on various monitors
    this crt is a few years old and works fine, and yes, 1024x768 resolution but higher
    and I don't like the charts sizings
    screen is bifocal distance from me, maybe a bit close for some, but a 22" lcd would
    be nearly twice the width of this monitor - hence my head-turning comment
    19" about $135 , 22" about $180 incl taxes plus a card if I want to use 2 monitors

    no decision yet, but thanks for the info