Widescreen or not?

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  1. I am getting 1 more LCD and I found a 19" Acer widscreen on sale right now. Does anyone have a widescreen for trading, or is a tradiational better?

    Any thoughts?

  2. Why not if you can afford it? :D
    Might want to check to make sure it doesn't require a specific type of video card though.
  3. jho


    No it won't require a special card.

    I guess it all depends how you like your charts set up. I would go into a store and take a look at one first.
  4. Oh, i think i was thinking about those 30" screens I think they said they require special graphics cards.

    Not really sure how it all works though.

    I personally would like TALLER screens instead of wider, because If I had a choice of taller vs wider, I'd choose taller. But most monitors you can tilt & rotate, so you could do that if you wish :)
  5. Yea, I'm getting a 2nd dual card also.

    I am going to head in today to check it out, just curious if people like it more or less for trading.

    Only cost 275.00 CAD

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    JM - Yeah it's those huge 30"

    I have a Dell 24" widescreen with a 128MB ATI card and I love it, I guess it all depends how you like your charts.
  7. Are the darn things stackable? Like you could have 3 on top of 3 or whatever?
    (I guess someone has a setup for widescreens)?

    You wouldn't have to look up so much to see the top monitors...

    Can you give a link so we can check the specs, ect.,?

    What store is selling them? Are they in the US also?
  8. For trading, widescreen all the way. I've got dual 2405fpw and a 3rd one is in the mail. Believe it or not, I'm actually contemplating trashing all 3 and going for the 30" (ie 3007) and running vertical 20" on the ends of the 3007 as depicted in the following link...


    A big enough dell coupon and I for sure will be in on the deal... Heck, even a refurb...
  9. I have a 21 inch (i think its 21 at least) and its a big improvement over traditional monitors. It just seems like a more natural way to view things.
  10. How much do you think that setup would cost? With, and without the graphics card included.
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