Wide vs regular 19" screens

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Shraga18, Oct 24, 2006.

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    Hi everyone,

    I had ordered two 19" screens for my new trading computer, but the fellow by mistake got them in widescreen. Now I'm wondering if I should keep them or not. They take up more space on my desk, so that's a minus. But are there any advantages for charting in widescreen, or are regular screens better?


  2. You more horizonal axis display (good for quote pages and spreadsheets), and a bit less vertical.

    My view is that widescreens are quite good for trading setups.
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    Hmm. I get your point about quote pages, but as it happens to be they're mainly for charting, so I'm still not sure.
  4. if y r buing today, two 30" 2560x1600 widescreens is a nobrainer..(just $2k each) the more pixels in x/y the better and trust me you fill em both with charts quick, and of course if you can't afford them u shouldnt be trading.. some prefer 3 or more monitors setup, but then u also need a special pc for the job
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    not all the OEM graphic cards can drive 2560x1600.
  6. My primary rig has 4 x 19", 1280x1024 monitors. 3 are for charts, but I've considered replacing 1 with a widescreen... it's the one I have quotes, browser, TV tuner on. Seems to make sense... 1650 horizontal would be welcome.
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    if they are 19" wide screen, the resolution is most likely 1440x900=1,296,000 pixels

    a regular 19" has 1280x1024=1,310,720 pixels.

    if you do charts, I would suggest to go to a higher resolution. It makes a big difference when you have lots of indicators on the screen.
    20"W 1680x1050=1,764,000 pixels (35% more than 19")
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    Thanks for the advice :). I think I'll pass for now! Btw, I'm flattered that your first post on ET is to help me! Did you register just for this thread? ;-)
  9. LOL! He SELLS 30" monitors... and has he got a DEAL for you... :D