wich prop firms have Lightspeed?

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  1. can you give me a few names of prop firms that use Lightspeed?

    Thank you
  2. "prop" firms require u to put up zero cash-" prop" by definition is the firms money- otherwise its retail
  3. ok...,

    wich other sub LCC use Lightspeed?
  4. via british law- not sure about " usa" law-becareful- if its " common law"- u can possibly sue for slander
  6. The only firms that use Lightspeed are ones that are setup like Tuco. These firms most likely won't be around in a week or two. I would really caution you from giving money to any firm setup like this. Also no firm that requires a series 7 or that is an exchange member uses Lightspeed. And these are the only firms that will still be around after a week or two. If you want to use Lightspeed you need to open your own retail account with them. That requires a $25k minimum and you will get 4:1 intraday.
  7. Ok, it seems you know them well...
    I just wanted to know the names of these firms...

    I disagree with your doomsday prediction.
  8. did the guy ask what firms(llc's) use lightspeed or what firms won't be around ? answer the guys question,why all the nonsense about what firms will close down with these ridiculous doomsday scenario posts.
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